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Using your emergency brake to avoid a crash

Feb 01, 2019

Many people use their emergency brake when they are parked on a hill, but it is important to be aware of another important function of these brakes: avoiding an accident when brake failure occurs. When someone is driving along and discovers that their brakes are not working and they are unable to come to a stop, this can be incredibly terrifying. Some people panic, which can be very dangerous, while others are able to handle the situation appropriately and protect those in their vehicle and surrounding vehicles. Unfortunately, brake failure and the improper use of brakes has contributed to many collisions.

Sometimes, drivers find out that their brakes have failed while traveling at relatively slow speeds or in an area where they do not need to come to a stop suddenly. On the other hand, some people may have very little time to bring their vehicle to a stop after realizing that their brakes have failed. Drivers who are not familiar with how their emergency brakes work should review reliable information in order to protect themselves and avoid a collision in the event that their brakes ever fail.

Using emergency brakes correctly can prevent a crash and, ultimately, save lives. It is also important to point out that emergency brakes should not be used inappropriately since doing so can cause damage to a vehicle’s brake system. If you head over to our section on traffic accidents, you can go over more about some of the different issues related to motor vehicle collisions.

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