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More children injured by recalled products

Many children’s products in the U.S. are recalled every year. That is why it is important for parents to check and see if any of their child’s products have been recalled as well as report any dangerous toys to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A new report by the advocacy group Kids in Danger showed that the fewer children’s products were recalled during the past year. However, injuries to children caused by recalled defective products significantly increased last year.

While the number of children’s products being recalled decreased to one of the lowest levels in the decade, the number of incidents involving recalled products increased by 49 percent. The number of injuries to children also rose, with injuries increasing by 42 percent, according to the report.

The CPSC said they are not sure why incidents and injuries involving recalled products increased by so much last year. The CPSC requires companies to report any safety hazards with one of their products as soon as a potential issue is identified.

Some experts believe that more people may be reporting injuries caused by recalled products, leading to the significant increase in the number of incidents and injuries. Consumers can now use the government website to report product safety concerns and hazards. The CPSC said that more people are using the website and their organization has raised awareness about the importance of reporting unsafe children’s products, which could be a main factor as to why more injuries are being reported despite fewer products being recalled.

Regardless of why the number of injuries have increased, it is important for parents and child caretakers to understand the importance of reporting potential safety hazards noticed in their children’s products as well as why they should check for recalls after they purchase a new product for their children.

Source: Boston, “Kid product recalls drop, injuries rise,” Mitch Lipka, Feb. 13, 2013

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