North Carolina proposes to get rid of vehicle safety inspections

Vehicle safety inspections lead to safer vehicles being on the road and can help prevent car accidents in North Carolina. The state is one of 18 states to have a law that requires drivers to have their vehicle inspected annually for any problems with the vehicle and issues that may pose a threat on the road.

This requirement may go away if North Carolina passes a proposed bill that would eliminate the mandated annual vehicle safety inspection for drivers. Lawmakers who proposed the bill say that eliminating the requirement for safety inspections would save drivers money as well as the bureaucracy involved with the mandate.

While there is some support for the proposed bill, opponents said the safety benefits outweigh the arguments of getting rid of the inspection requirement. Drivers and vehicle mechanics in North Carolina support the mandate to inspect vehicles because it makes sure safe vehicles are being driven in the state and it also helps drivers know about a potential issue with their vehicle before their car breaks down.

The AAA Carolinas also support North Carolina’s annual vehicle safety inspections. They said that the annual inspections make roads safer and decrease car accidents. The safety group cited reports that show that states that have mandated vehicle safety inspections have roughly 27 percent fewer car accidents compared to states without mandated vehicle safety inspections.

The AAA Carolinas said that in addition to the safety benefits of having the inspections, it also saves drivers money because they can get their car fixed now instead of waiting until something major happens, which will cost more.

They also said that the inspections reduce car accidents in the state, leading to lower insurance rates compared to states without the inspections because they have a higher risk of being in a car accident.

Source: WRAL, “Bill would scrap NC vehicle safety inspections,” Laura Leslie, Feb. 22, 2013

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