Should you see a doctor after a minor rear-end collision?

If you are the victim of a rear-end collision, you may feel OK except for rattled nerves. You may just want to go home and relax after the accident. 

However, prompt medical attention is the best idea since you may have underlying injuries. A medical report should accompany your claim for insurance compensation. 

Underlying injuries

The impact from a car crash, even one as seemingly minor as a rear-end collision, can cause injuries as serious as brain damage or spinal cord injury. Adding to the problem is that symptoms may not appear at the time of the crash. The human body is not designed to withstand the shock of a violent impact. It will release chemicals such as adrenalin that can mask pain and injury temporarily. 

Seeking medical attention

After a minor traffic accident, such as a rear-end collision, do you need to see a doctor? Prompt medical attention is essential, even if you feel fine. Early treatment is important if you sustain an injury. Remember that some injuries are not apparent at the time of a crash, but they can be serious and require long-term care. 

The importance of a medical report

The medical report your doctor prepares will tie any injury you have directly to the crash. Keep in mind that an insurance company may try to offer you a lowball settlement. Therefore, the medical information is important for an insurer to see when you file a claim. If you are the victim of a collision caused by a negligent driver, you have a right to expect full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses and more. 

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