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What should you do after a crash?

Jan 04, 2021

After getting into a crash for the first time, the aftermath often feels chaotic. It is hard to keep track of the things you should and should not do. This is especially true when concerned about other passengers, yourself or your car. 

But the moments after a crash are also some of the most crucial. It is important for you to react in an appropriate way. It will help you out immensely in the future. 

Stay on site

Forbes discusses what you should do after a crash. First, stay on the scene. Many people make the mistake of leaving the scene after a crash. Even if you were not at fault, leaving the scene could damage any future claim you make. It might undermine your credibility, too. If injury or death happens and you leave the scene, you can even face prison time or a fine. Remaining at the scene also allows for an accurate collection of evidence, which can help you gain financial compensation later. 

Call the police

Next, call law enforcement. Unless the crash is truly just a minor fender bender, you need to call. Police reports serve as evidence of the crash, which can help in later claims. You should seek immediate medical attention for the same reason. It is hard to prove that your injuries are serious or did not exist before the crash without medical and legal documentation of it. 

Avoid social media

Finally, do not post on social media. The insurance company has investigators or legal teams that will scour every inch of your accounts to find anything that can devalue your claim. Posting about the crash itself may prove a costly mistake. So can posting in the aftermath, as investigators may use this as evidence that you faked the severity of your injuries depending on the content you post. It is best to avoid social media until your claim resolves. 

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