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Some tips for how you can avoid legal trouble over spring break

Spring break is a perfect vacation opportunity for college students to relax and have some fun. However, young adults can’t completely let loose. It is still important to follow the law wherever they may be. 

Failure to comply with the laws of the state or country you are travelling in can cause havoc. Do not speed or drive recklessly. Using alcohol or drugs while operating a car is an illegal and dangerous act. If you are not from the state or country where you are, you should also be aware of what specific road laws are in place. Many vacation spots have differing laws, so researching them ahead of time can help. 

Many other students may choose to fly out of the country. If this occurs, you also need to keep in mind the strict airline codes that are in place while traveling. Drinking while on an airplane is not frowned upon, but drinking too much may lead to criminal charges. Knowing the limits in place for drinking on a flight is necessary for any first time international fliers. 

Disorderly conduct is another crime many students find themselves dealing with while on spring break. According to the Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, the definition of disorderly conduct includes obscene language or gestures, fighting, threatening others or creating an unsafe environment for those around you. If you or a traveling companion misbehave, take a step back from the situation and cool down. 

If you get into trouble in North Carolina while on spring break or your are from the state, learn about your legal options. A ticket can affect you for a long time — and not in a good way.

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