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What types of streets are you most likely to be involved in a crash?

What are the riskiest road situations or types of streets for North Carolina drivers?. Intersections are often at the top of the list of street areas to be wary of. Today we will examine why intersection crashes are so common.

Several factors can contribute to intersection crashes. These include:

  • Recognition errors
  • Decision errors
  • Weather
  • Vehicle malfunctions
  • Mistakes made by other drivers
  • Failing to act in time or at all

Recognition errors are the most common cause of intersection crashes by a long shot. They take up 55.7% of all intersection crashes according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This category includes driver inattentiveness, distraction and a lack of observation. Making poor decisions is a close second. This includes turning without being able to see or making illegal moves. It can also involve driving aggressively. Misjudgment also falls into this category. That may involve underestimating the time or space you have to make your turn. It can also include miscalculating other driver’s moves.

By comparison, the weather or vehicular malfunctions are a rare cause of these crashes. Performance or non-performance errors also rarely have an impact. Errors attributed to other drivers are the third highest ranking cause. Even then, they are responsible for less than 10% of all intersection crashes.

If you are a victim of a crash that occurs at an intersection, don’t assume you just have to get on with your life all by yourself. You may be entitled to compensation for lost income, medical bills and other losses. A word of caution, your auto insurance company may try to rush you into settling your claim for less than you are entitled to. A legal professional can help.

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