How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost in North Carolina?

How Much is A Speeding Ticket in NC?

Speeding may be relatively commonplace to the average driver, but it is important for every driver to understand that any speeding is illegal in the state and subject to ticketing. If you are caught driving past the speed limit by a state police officer, they will issue you a ticket. Many drivers in this situation assume they can pay the fine on the ticket and put the issue aside, but this is not necessarily true.

How Will a Speeding Ticket Affect My Record?

Any speeding ticket could carry more significant penalties that the initial fine, and it’s vital to know your options for fighting a speeding ticket. Any contest against a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket will unfold in traffic court. While similar to criminal court in some respects, traffic court is less daunting for most defendants, but it is still possible for any traffic court case to impact your life tremendously.

Penalties for Speeding

The most obvious penalty you will face for speeding is the fine listed on the ticket. Under state law, it’s possible for a speeding fine to be anywhere from $10 to $250, based on the severity of the offense. The amount you must pay typically hinges on how much you exceeded the speed limit, so going 10 mph over the speed limit will incur a lighter penalty than going 20 mph over the speed limit.

Speeding Can Lead to Reckless a Misdemeanor Driving Charge

Most speeding offenses qualify as civil infractions, but it is possible to incur a misdemeanor reckless driving charge if you are caught speeding 15 mph or more over the speed limit when the posted speed limit is 35 mph or more. Speeding over 80 mph is also a misdemeanor, and penalties for reckless driving increase significantly when it causes an accident.

Beyond the penalties assigned by the court, the defendant faces additional penalties when it comes to their insurance coverage. Drivers pay premiums to their insurance carriers to maintain coverage, and the insurance carrier bases a premium rate on the driver’s perceived level of risk. If a driver commits moving violations, the insurance company is likely to interpret this as an increased risk and may increase their insurance premium rate in response. Additionally, some insurance policies require drivers to refrain from speeding and other moving violations, or they can lose their coverage.

How to Fight Your Speeding Ticket

When a police officer issues a speeding ticket, it will include instructions for the driver to fight the ticket in traffic court. This requires a hearing, and the judge will listen to both the driver and the officer who issued the ticket. While it’s possible to enter traffic court on your own, you have a better chance of success when you have an experienced attorney defending you.

Your attorney may be able to prove that the officer failed to properly assess your vehicle’s speed using an appropriate method, or the computer inside of your vehicle may show that you never reached the speed the officer claimed. It is also possible that the officer may not appear for the hearing, and your attorney can help determine how to approach your case if this applies to your situation.

Ultimately, you may not be able to avoid penalties for a speeding ticket entirely, but a good attorney can potentially help reduce the fine you pay and minimize any other effects of the ticket. Christina Rivenbark & Associates has helped many drivers approach their speeding ticket hearings and other traffic court cases with confidence, and we are ready to apply this experience to help you through your impending case.

FAQs About North Carolina Speeding Ticket Cost

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket?

The amount you will be required to pay on a speeding ticket issued depends on how fast you were going over the speed limit. The state upholds the absolute speed limit law, meaning that anything over the posted speed limit can qualify for a ticket. The minimum amount your ticket may impose is $10, and it’s possible for a speeding ticket fine to be as much as $250. The higher your speed, the more likely you are to incur additional penalties as well.

Is It Worth Fighting a Speeding Ticket?

If you pay the fine on your speeding ticket, you are admitting guilt and accepting all associated penalties. Your fine may not be much, but you could face increased insurance premiums and other financial effects that amount to thousands over time. It is always worth contesting your speeding ticket, and you have the greatest chance of success with a traffic violation attorney advising you.

Can I Get Out of a Speeding Ticket?

You could potentially avoid penalties for a speeding ticket by proving the officer who issued the ticket did so incorrectly. State police must use specific methods to measure drivers’ speeds, and if they do not do so, it could compromise the integrity of the ticket. This is why it is so crucial to consult a traffic violations attorney after a speeding ticket. Your attorney can help determine whether you have options for fighting your ticket that you may have overlooked on your own.

How Do Driver’s License Points Work?

Whenever a driver commits any type of moving violation, they can receive demerit points on their license. Once a driver has accrued 12 points, their license is automatically suspended. Points expire three years after they are assigned. If a driver accumulates eight points within a three-year period after having their previously suspended license revoked, it can lead to an automatic second revocation.

Experienced Help from Christina Rivenbark & Associates

The firm of Christina Rivenbark & Associates have years of professional experience handling a wide range of traffic court cases and more serious criminal defense cases, and we can help determine your options for fighting a speeding ticket. Contact us today to learn more about the legal services we offer and how we can help with your impending speeding ticket case or other legal issue.

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