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Unrestrained pets and the risk of a crash

Motor vehicle crash causes take many forms, but some people do not take into account seemingly harmless behaviors that can lead to a wreck or worsen the outcome of a collision. For example, there are different ways that an unrestrained pet, such as a dog, might cause a car accident. In the event that such an accident takes place, the dog may pose a threat to the driver, other passengers, and suffer injuries as well. If you drive with pets in your vehicle, it is essential to recognize these dangers and take steps to avoid any of the aforementioned repercussions.

A dog or another pet such as a cat that is not restrained may increase the likelihood of a wreck occurring for different reasons. For example, the driver might become distracted as they watch the pet jump around or bother another passenger. Or, an unrestrained pet might try to climb onto the driver’s lap or nudge their arm, which could interfere with their ability to operate the vehicle. When a crash occurs, a pet that is not restrained properly might be thrust across the vehicle quickly, posing a threat to other people in the vehicle and potentially injuring or killing the animal. Learn how to ensure your pet’s safety while driving.

Drivers should always be cognizant of the various risks that may lead to a crash and the different distractions that can arise. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to pay attention to these dangers and their decisions may cause those riding in other vehicles to become seriously hurt or killed in a wreck. Our accidents page goes into more detail on motor vehicle collisions.

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