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What should I know about adoption in North Carolina?

Dec 06, 2019

Adoption gives a child a fresh start in a loving and stable home. For families looking to adopt, it’s best to have a firm grasp on the process so you can make sure you’re fully prepared. The North Carolina Judicial Branch provides answers to these questions, which many families in North Carolina have when adopting.

What types of adoptions are allowed?

Couples and individuals have options when it comes to adopting a child. Choosing one method over another is a very personal matter and depends on your circumstances, wants and desires.

  • Many people choose to adopt through adoption agencies, which are responsible for finding adoptable children.
  • Adoptions can also take place outside the U.S., in which case the adoptive parent or parents must work with a foreign agency.
  • Individual adoptions are another option, and this involves working with a person directly instead of going through an agency or organization.
  • It’s also possible to adopt children from other family members if they’re no longer able to provide the care the child needs.

Do I need an attorney to adopt a child?

While you can pursue an adoption on your own, it can be a complicated process. The court cannot provide you with legal advice. So, if you have questions, you may not get all the answers you need. This can be a little scary late in the adoption process.

From filling out paperwork to undergoing home studies, many people appreciate clear guidance. Timely – and correct – advice can be especially helpful as you gather all the information you need and when you attend hearings.

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