2024 What to Do if You Witness a Car Accident in North Carolina

Car accidents happen in many ways, and it is vital for every driver to know what to do if they experience an accident. However, it is also vital to know what to do if you witness a car accident in North Carolina. Your role in the investigation could prove to be crucial, helping an injured victim prove liability for the accident and assisting them in recovering their damages.

What to Do If You Witness a Car Accident

If you witness a car accident in the state, you should make sure that you are safe and remain at the scene of the crash until the first responders arrive. Call 911 to report the accident and tell the police what you saw. Even if others have called 911, you could help ensure a more accurate police report that the injured victims may need later in their attempts to recover from the incident. Call 911, tell them what has happened, and then wait for first responders to arrive.

While you should attempt to provide help to those who need it, you should only do so if you believe it is safe. Do not put yourself at risk in this situation, as if you are hurt because you took it upon yourself to try to help in a dangerous scenario, you would likely be responsible for your own injuries. Help if you can do so safely and wait for the police to arrive on the scene. They will want to interview everyone involved as well as those who saw the accident happen.

Provide your statement to the police and give them as much detail as you can remember. You will also need to give them your name and contact information. Once they tell you that you can leave, you should expect to receive phone calls in the near future. The police may call to ask additional questions and/or add detail to your statement, and you may also receive calls from insurance companies investigating the accident.

Remember that when you talk to an insurance company, your statement may help an injured victim recover compensation for their losses. However, you should only report what you know to be true. Do not speculate about what you think happened; only provide the concrete details that you remember from the incident. The most helpful thing you can do for an injured victim is to provide a clear and concise account of exactly what you remember.

If You Are Injured in a Car Accident

In the event that you have been injured in a car accident in the state, you should seek medical care immediately and then reach out to an experienced attorney as quickly as you can so they can help you determine the next steps you should take in your recovery efforts. The right car accident attorney can potentially help you file an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver and guide you through the process of building a personal injury suit if necessary to ensure a fuller recovery.


Q: Are Witness Statements Necessary for Proving Fault for Car Accidents?

A: Witness statements can be very valuable for proving fault for car accidents. If you were recently involved in an accident, obtaining witness statements could be crucial for proving fault in the face of a lack of other evidence or if liability for the accident is contested. If you witness a car accident, providing your statement to the responding officers could prove invaluable to an injured victim in their efforts to recover their losses.

Q: Should I Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

A: You should hire an attorney after a car accident in the state if you want to have the optimum chance of recovering as fully as possible through an auto insurance claim and/or personal injury suit against the at-fault driver. While it is not strictly required that you hire legal counsel, doing so will make every aspect of your case easier to manage, and you will be more likely to maximize the compensation you obtain for your damages.

Q: Should I Speak to Witnesses if I Plan to File a Car Accident Claim?

A: Speaking to witnesses if you plan to file a car accident claim can be a complex issue. While you should certainly obtain their contact information and a brief statement of what they saw, if you plan to file a civil claim in response to your accident, you should have your attorney collect formal statements from all witnesses. If you attempt to secure formal statements personally, it could be viewed as a conflict of interest.

Q: What Happens if More Than One Party Shares Fault for a Car Accident?

A: If more than one party shares fault for a car accident, fault will be divided by percentage to each liable party based on their level of contribution in causing the accident. For example, if two defendants are found equally at fault, each will be responsible for half of the damages. The state’s contributory negligence law will prevent a plaintiff from claiming compensation if they are found partially at fault, even slightly.

Q: What Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

A: The cost to hire a car accident lawyer in North Carolina will vary from attorney to attorney. If you choose Christina Rivenbark & Associates to represent you in a car accident case, you will only pay a percentage of your case award as our firm’s fee and only if you win your case. This contingency fee policy ensures that you have access to the legal representation you need when you need it most, regardless of your financial situation.

The aftermath of any car accident can be difficult to navigate, but the right attorney can help you make clearer sense of your situation. While you may not need to hire an attorney if you witness a car accident in North Carolina, legal counsel you trust will be an invaluable asset if you are hurt in an accident. Contact Christina Rivenbark & Associates today to schedule a consultation with our team and learn how we can help you recover.

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