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Bicycles are fun to ride and a healthy choice for accessible local transportation in the Oak Island area. However, whenever you ride your bike near motor vehicle traffic, there is a risk of an accident. If you or a loved one recently experienced a bicycle accident due to another party’s actions, an experienced Oak Island bicycle accident lawyer can help determine your most viable options for legal recourse.

Oak Island Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Helping Bicycle Accident Victims Recover in Oak Island, NC

Christina Rivenbark & Associates has more than 30 years of professional experience helping our clients recover in Oak Island. We have successfully handled many personal injury claims, including those filed in response to bicycle accidents. We know how to help prove liability for your damages, hold the at-fault party accountable for the harm they’ve done, and streamline your recovery efforts to shorten the time it takes for you to receive your compensation.

Our goal in every case we accept is to help our client recover as much as possible in the most efficient manner. You may be able to file an auto insurance claim against the driver who hit you, but even if you succeed, this is unlikely to yield full compensation for your losses. We can assist you in building a personal injury claim that aims for total recovery, and having a bike injury attorney on your side is your most valuable resource in this situation.

Recovering From Your Bicycle Accident in Oak Island

You need to prove fault for your recent accident before you will be able to recover any compensation for your damages. Bicycle accidents most often occur because of negligence, such as distracted driving or moving violations. However, they may also occur because of illegal misconduct like reckless or intoxicated driving. Your Oak Island bicycle accident lawyer can help gather the proof you need to accurately establish fault for your accident.

Once fault is proven, you can proceed with filing an auto insurance claim against the driver who hit you. The law requires almost every driver in the state to have auto insurance that meets basic coverage requirements. Insurance alone may not fully cover your losses, and it is possible to encounter all types of issues in dealing with an insurance carrier. Your attorney can streamline this phase of your case award before helping you build a personal injury suit.

A personal injury claim can help you recover compensation for any losses you cannot recover through the insurance claim filing process. Under North Carolina law, it is possible for the plaintiff to claim compensation for all immediate and future economic losses they suffered from the accident, and they can claim pain and suffering compensation. North Carolins does not place a limit on pain and suffering compensation in bicycle accident claims.

Most personal injury cases filed in Oak Island end in private settlement negotiations. As long as both the plaintiff and the defendant are willing to compromise, a settlement can potentially resolve a case in a fraction of the time that litigation would require. Christina Rivenbark & Associates will do everything we can to settle your case quickly if possible, but if litigation is necessary, you can count on our team to represent you in the courtroom.

FAQs About Oak Island, NC Bicycle Accident Law

Is It Illegal to Ride a Bike Without a Helmet?

State bike laws only require the use of helmets for bicyclists under the age of 16. For all other riders, helmets are optional, but it is important for every bicyclist to understand the risks of serious head injuries when bicycle accidents happen. Wearing an appropriate helmet can potentially mitigate the harm done by a head injury or even save the victim’s life.

How Do I Prove Fault for a Bicycle Accident?

Proving fault for a bicycle accident requires addressing similar factors as you would face when proving fault for any other vehicle accident. You must identify the party responsible for the crash and then prove how they caused it. Your Oak Island bicycle accident lawyer can help gather evidence like witness testimony, physical evidence from the scene of the accident, and traffic camera footage to help you establish liability.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Bicycle Accident?

The total potential value of a personal injury claim depends on the extent and severity of the victim’s damages. The main objective of your personal injury suit is to prove fault for your damages and hold the at-fault party accountable for them. You must prove the full range of losses you suffered from the accident and then establish causation, meaning your damages must have been the direct result of the defendant’s actions and not any other cause.

Will I Win More Compensation if I Hire an Attorney?

An experienced Oak Island bicycle accident lawyer can make every aspect of your claim easier to manage, and with their help, you will be more likely to succeed with the claim and more likely to maximize your recovery. Your attorney can accurately calculate projected future damages and assist you in determining an appropriate amount of pain and suffering compensation to include with your claim.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Oak Valley Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Do not assume you cannot afford to hire a bike injury attorney in NC. Christina Rivenbark & Associates offers contingency fee billing to make our legal counsel more accessible to those who need it most, only charging a client a percentage of their final case award as our fee if and when we win their case. If our firm is unable to obtain a recovery for you, there is no fee at all, so there is no financial risk in choosing our firm to represent your claim.

Contact Christina Rivenbark & Associates

The team at Christina Rivenbark & Associates aims to help every client recover as much compensation as state law allows and to do so in the most efficient manner. You have a short time in which to file your civil suit and an insurance claim following a bicycle accident, so you need to reach out to legal counsel you can trust as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an Oak Island bicycle accident lawyer to learn how we can assist you.


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