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Theft and Property Crimes Archives

Black Friday shopper faces felony shoplifting charges

Black Friday shopping can be a crazy and even chaotic experience filled with crowds full of excitement in anticipation of great deals. During Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, there is an increase in security enforcement and shoplifting arrests.

Two North Carolina residents arrested for theft, drug possession

Two people in are facing serious charges after an arrest last week. The North Carolina couple was arrested after police say they tried to break into a car. They were charged with theft related crimes as well as possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police say that the people arrested matched the description reported by witnesses.

Man arrested for North Carolina, neighboring state thefts

A man was arrested last week after allegedly stealing trailers from North Carolina and a neighboring state. The man wasn't arrested in North Carolina, but investigators say he is linked to crimes here. The man also isn't from either of the states where the alleged crimes occurred. When a person is accused of committing crimes across various jurisdictions, it might take multiple departments to conduct an investigation and share complex evidence.

2 face charges for alleged car theft in Wilmington

Police in Wilmington are accusing two people of stealing a car and trying to change the license plates. According to a report, police have charged the two with multiple crimes after they allegedly saw the man and woman working to change the license plates in Wilmington on a car with Quebec plates. Authorities say the plates and the vehicle were both recently stolen.

Police say alleged burglary ring broken in North Carolina

Five people were arrested across the state last month. The men and woman allegedly ran a burglary ring that investigators say involved over $20,000 in stolen property. According to a report, police from eight counties in North Carolina arrested the people for theft over the month of July. These allegations are extremely serious. Is a person is charged with burglary, they might have a difficult time finding employment and housing in the future.

Alleged thefts led to arrest of three North Carolina men

Property theft can be considered a very serious crime and often comes with serious penalties if charges result in a conviction. Three men were arrested late last month after allegedly breaking into North Carolina homes and stealing a car. They were charged with various crimes related to theft. Police say the men broke into two homes, and were found inside a stolen van shortly after the second home was broken into.

Woman faces theft charges following fight at North Carolina club

Police responded to an alleged incident at a bar last week. When they arrived the details at first seemed hazy. A witness reportedly told police that during a fight between two women, a large amount of cash fell onto the floor of a North Carolina club. One of the women took the money, which she was accused of stealing, and left the property. Police say they later found the woman through a cab company, and asked her about the incident.

Wilmington police arrest man, accuse him of neighborhood break-ins

A man was arrested Sunday after a string of break-ins. He was charged for the break-ins in Wilmington as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. A news report didn't indicate exactly how many charges the man was facing but indicated that he was arrested for probation violations before he was charged with the other crimes.

Soldier accused of stealing from North Carolina gun store

A Fort Bragg-based soldier was arrested earlier this week and accused of breaking into a gun shop in Spring Lake, North Carolina, just outside of Fayetteville. Although the motive for the overnight theft hasn't been made clear, the Iraq War veteran isn't the first to run into legal trouble after returning home.

Wilmington serial bank robber sentenced to 10 years in prison

For many crimes, treatment and cessation programs have been developed to address the underlying causes and prevent offenders from committing them again. Sex offenders, for example, often undergo extensive therapy during incarceration and afterward to prevent them from hurting another person. Drug treatment programs are also widely available for people convicted of drug-related crimes. But too often it seems some offenses, such as theft and other property crimes, are simply written off as bad behavior and little to no effort is made to help people work toward a life that doesn't compel them to commit the crime again.