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Abrupt changes and child support payments

Family law issues can be very tough, particularly when children are involved, or finances are concerned. Sometimes, both of these issues can make life tough for a parent who is trying to move on with their life after a divorce. Some people are able to take care of child support and other responsibilities without any issues, but others may find themselves in a bind for a number of reasons. Sometimes, these difficulties may arise over completely unexpected challenges that interfere with a parent’s ability to pay child support.

What to know about turning right on a red light

Many drivers would say that turning right on a red light is fine as long as you make sure there is no oncoming traffic. However, you should keep in mind that not every state permits motorists to turn right after stopping on red at an intersection. Fortunately, North Carolina law spells out the conditions that permit you and other motorists to make right turns without legal repercussions.

Attacking Breathayzer evidence after drunk driving charges

Getting arrested on drunk driving charges may feel like a crisis, both personally and financially. For those without a strong legal strategy to defend themselves, it can turn into a nightmare. Although drunk driving charges may be common, they are still serious and can affect many areas of a defendant's life.

Suspected carbon monoxide leak leads to work-related injuries

Approximately 500 hundred people in the United States die of carbon monoxide poisoning every year, while 20,000 to 30,000 more, potentially including some in North Carolina, become sick from it. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is virtually undetectable by humans because it is odorless, tasteless and colorless. Burning certain fuels in poorly ventilated spaces can cause carbon monoxide to build up to dangerous levels. 

Using your emergency brake to avoid a crash

Many people use their emergency brake when they are parked on a hill, but it is important to be aware of another important function of these brakes: avoiding an accident when brake failure occurs. When someone is driving along and discovers that their brakes are not working and they are unable to come to a stop, this can be incredibly terrifying. Some people panic, which can be very dangerous, while others are able to handle the situation appropriately and protect those in their vehicle and surrounding vehicles. Unfortunately, brake failure and the improper use of brakes has contributed to many collisions.

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