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Every day, many car accidents occur throughout the Leland area of North Carolina from a wide range of causes. Whenever a driver is negligent or intentionally reckless behind the wheel, they endanger themselves and all other drivers around them. Across the United States, one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents is distracted driving. Even a few seconds of inattentive driving is sufficient to cause a serious crash, and these incidents often leave victims wondering how they can prove fault and secure compensation for their losses.

Leland Distracted Driver Accident Lawyer

Helping Ensure Accountability for Distracted Driving Accidents in Leland, NC

If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries in a car accident caused by a distracted driver, it is vital to consult an experienced Leland distracted driving accident attorney as soon as possible. Your legal team can assist you in evaluating your most viable options for legal recourse, helping you prove the other driver was not paying attention when they caused your accident. Under North Carolina’s fault rule for accidents, proving fault is an essential first step in any vehicle accident case, and your Leland distracted driving accident attorney can be invaluable for their help in building your case.

How to File a Distracted Driver Accident Claim in Leland

Distracted driving can be difficult to prove. You may know that the at-fault driver was preoccupied with their cell phone or distracted in some other way when they caused your accident, but they are unlikely to admit this freely. Your Leland distracted driving accident attorney can help gather the evidence you will need to firmly establish fault for your accident. In many distracted driving accident claims, the at-fault driver’s cell phone records are essential. Texting and other cell phone use is the most commonly cited form of distracted driving in the United States, and phone records can help to prove that a phone was in use at the moment a vehicle accident occurred.

Traffic camera recordings and eyewitness statements are other potentially valuable forms of evidence in many distracted driving accident cases. An experienced attorney will know how to prove fault for your accident, and once liability is established, they can help you claim compensation for your losses.

State law requires all drivers to have auto insurance, and filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s policy may provide important compensation after your distracted driving accident. However, if they do not have insurance or they do not have enough coverage to fully compensate you for your losses, you will need to file a personal injury claim against them to recover all your damages. Your Leland distracted driving accident attorney can assist you in building a civil complaint against the defendant, uncovering all available avenues of compensation, and guide you through the proceedings necessary to ensure accountability for your damages.

The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates always strive for maximum compensation for our clients’ damages in every case we accept. You have a limited time in which you can file a personal injury claim after an accident and an even shorter window in which to file an auto insurance claim. The sooner you connect with a Leland distracted driving accident attorney, the greater your chances of success will be in all the recovery efforts you make after your accident.

FAQs About Leland, NC Distracted Driver Accident Law

Is It Against the Law to Talk on the Phone While Driving?

There are no laws in the state prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving for drivers over the age of 18. However, if a driver becomes distracted by their phone and causes an accident, this will amount to negligence because they are not upholding their duty of care to drive their vehicle attentively. Your Leland distracted driving accident attorney can help gather evidence you may need to prove that the driver who caused your accident was distracted by their phone.

How Common Are Distracted Driving Accidents?

Throughout the United States, distracted driving consistently ranks as one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents each year. Whenever a driver’s vision, hands, and attention are diverted away from the safe operation of their vehicle, they can easily cause a serious accident. Texting while driving is commonly cited as the most common form of distracted driving in the United States.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Distracted Driving Accident Case in Leland?

North Carolina law allows the victim of a motor vehicle accident to seek full repayment of all their damages from the party responsible for causing the accident. As long as you are able to prove that another driver was negligent in some manner resulting in the accident, they are liable for any economic losses you suffered as well as compensating your pain and suffering. A Leland distracted driving accident attorney can provide an estimate of your case’s potential value.

What Happens if I Share Fault for a Distracted Driving Accident in Leland?

The state enforces a contributory negligence law. This means that in any civil case in which the plaintiff shares fault with the defendant for causing the damages, the plaintiff is barred from collecting compensation from the defendant. This rule applies even if the plaintiff’s fault is slight, so it is vital to consult an experienced attorney if you have any concerns about bearing partial liability for your recent accident in Leland.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Distracted Driving Accident Claim?

Even if fault for your recent distracted driving accident seems perfectly apparent to you, this does not mean you should attempt to handle your case on your own. The right attorney can significantly improve your chances of success with the case, and they can also help secure more compensation for your damages than you would be able to collect on your own. They can be readily available throughout your case proceedings to address concerns, answer questions, and provide valuable legal guidance for every new step of the case.

The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates have the professional experience you want on your side to approach a distracted driving claim with confidence. We have successfully represented many clients in the Leland area in various types of distracted driving cases, and we know the legal challenges you might face as you seek compensation for the losses you suffered. If you’re ready to explore your options for legal recourse, contact us today to schedule a free consult with a Leland distracted driving accident attorney.


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